Progress at Mt. Miguel: Phase 1 Prop H.

Progress at Mt. Miguel: Phase 1 Prop H.

Hello Matadors! A LOT has been going on at Mt. Miguel as a result of the money from Prop H, & we wanted to share the progress with you.

New Pool


The Quad


We have a new shade structure in the quad. New lighting in and around the structure will follow.

Entrance to The Gym

new_mmhs_gym_entrance1 new_mmhs_gym_entrance2

The entrance to the gym will have a new look!

The New Track is Here!


Mount Miguel has a new track! The new track will support 9 lanes and will be able to host championship tournaments. We are one of 3 schools in San Diego that have this caliber of track.

Surrounding the track is new fencing, new bathrooms and snack bar accommodations on the visitor side and the home side.

The new fencing will be implemented throughout the campus. You can also find it along the new pool.

Modernized Classrooms!



  • Energy-Efficient Lighting, heating & AC
  • Digital Clocks & Intercoms
  • New digital projectors & white boards
  • New Cabinetry
  • Upgrades for ADA Access
  • Intrusion Detection

We will post more details as it comes in, so keep checking back! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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